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Change Management

Change is ubiquitous and ever present in our lives today. There is no way to avoid it and it is difficult to slow its pace. We all experience three kinds of change; positive, neutral and negative. I call them C+ (positive change), C0 (neutral change) and C- (negative change).

In the business environment we find that we need to manage change at three different levels; personal, team and organizational.

Managing Personal Change involves finding your own way to successfully adapt to changes you face. It may also involve helping friends and colleagues experiencing the same transition.

Managing Team Change focuses on how leaders manage the team dynamic through the transition process.

Managing Organizational Change. The greater the significance and impact of a change introduced into an organization, the more likely that change will produce both expected and unexpected consequences. And, therefore, the greater the need for system wide change enabling activities.


BrightStar offers customized training and coaching services for individuals and leaders to provide them with the mindset, skill-set and toolset needed to adapt to current change. In addition it leave them ready for subsequent organizational transformations by helping them to adopt the mindset that change is not just an event but an ongoing process vital to the health of organizations.

In addition, BrightStar offers transformation consulting services to help organizations develop the governance structures and enabling activities needed to accelerate change and ensure the accomplishment of desired outcomes.

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