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Leadership Development, Training and Facilitation

We offer leadership development services to all levels of the organization with a special focus on senior and executive teams.

Strategic Leaders - We provide facilitated sessions to help experienced business leaders discuss and explore their concepts of leadership, communication and performance. They identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving their leadership in alignment with the current and future needs of the organization.

Mid-Level Leaders – We provide leadership workshops which focus on leadership and management skills including providing feedback, managing change as an individual and as a leader and context analysis for managing and leading.

Emerging Leaders – We offer facilitated sessions which focus on basic skill development for new leaders. These sessions help them understand the foundational components of leadership such as how to develop trust and the power of integrity and basic communication skills for performance management.

High Potential Development – BrightStar also designs, facilitates and collaborates with other providers to deliver customized and highly impactful experiences for high potential talent with companies. These may have components such as issue discovery sessions, specific competence development, technical skill development, scenario or simulation sessions, action learning, performance coaching sessions with Executive Coaches, etc.

Mentoring – We help organizations create and deliver Mentoring programs for high potential individuals.